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New Inbound Marketing Strategy

There is a wide array of ways to look at inbound marketing. Some would say social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing are the core, and this may look good if everything is being generalized. With the right understanding of technology, well-developed content, and a lexicon of brand knowledge, inbound marketing can be robust and stratified.

There are five sections essential to marketing strategy, owned and earned media, lead nutrition, sales interaction, retention, and landing pages. All of these should work as a sort of funnel for the sales, accelerating the process and optimizing the impact on revenue of marketing. It is essential that each step be streamlined.

Owned and earned media, which works like inbound marketing. Its purpose is to generate traffic and build community, as well as produce advocates for your product outside of the company. This could be accomplished by distributing content through social media, or generating a mass of blog posts. The idea at this stage is to get search engines to catch the content and recommend you pages to those searching within the field.

Landing pages should be looked at as your quick survey team. Free content will get people interested, but once you have captured the visitors IP address and e-mail their traffic can be tracked. This will in turn allow you to measure the effectiveness of the owned and earned media. Adjust your tactics there on the feedback gained here.

Lead nurturing is essentially your ‘employee review’. Once the attributes of a visitor are known you can start the process of scoring and segmenting content. An effort should be made to get the proper information out on the right channel at the proper time. This is also where unqualified leads should be culled from the funnel this will widen the real-estate taken up by good leads, which in turn will make the whole process more efficient.

Sales interaction should be a system, by which worthy leads are delivered to sales persons and communication is facilitated between sales and marketing. This is essential as the happiness of sales is directly related to their productivity, and communication with marketing keeps sales on track.

Retention is the last, but possibly most essential segment of the funnel. Imagine that all of your visitors are familiar with your website for less than three weeks, but you have been open for visitors for three years. In this situation, something in the ideal funnel has fallen apart. Your owned and earned media should be producing fresh relevant material to keep interest up. The landing pages should be allowing for you to keep up to date on everything that needs attention in the owned and earned category. Lead nurturing should be keeping relevant material flowing. Sales interaction should be ensuring that the content at sales is not only relevant but, worthwhile, and discussion should flow between marketing and sales. If all of this is functioning as intended the environment should not become stale, and retention should be high.

HostGator For Beginning Marketers

Getting exposure for your business is one of the most crucial things that you can do. There are many ways to do this, but most of them are very costly. A very cost-effective way to get exposure is to build a website, where you can control how your business is portrayed. And since the Internet continues to expand, your site will be exposed to more people. Unfortunately, choosing the right hosting provider can seem overwhelming, since there are hundreds of thousands to choose from, and not all of them are legitimate. But one great hosting provider, HostGator, stands out from the imitators and fraudsters.

HostGator is the best service available, with reasonable prices and a simple, user-friendly interface. And they’re not new to hosting; in fact, they host about 1% of the world’s total internet traffic, or more than seven million domains. And it isn’t difficult to see why. HostGator provides a variety of different services, from web, VPS and reseller hosting to a great Google AdWords credit. These are all backed up by their unlimited bandwidth and disk space, their 24/7/365 support, as well as their dedicated, reliable servers, with a guarantee of over 99.9% uptime. And whether you’re a veteran of web site building or new to it all, you’ll appreciate their thousands of free website templates and their free Site Builder. With the help of a coupon, HostGator is even more affordable.

HostGator is extremely simple to use. It’s as easy as deciding which plan to buy, registering the right domain for you, and choosing which coupon to use. They offer different billing cycles, but to get the best bang for your buck, it’s usually best to choose the yearly billing cycle. Just a few clicks more, and you’re ready to get started with a site of your own.

There’s no doubt you’ll love the great service they provide. In fact, a June 2008 customer satisfaction survey, 90% of their customers were satisfied with HostGator. Choosing HostGator ensures that your site will be a reliable place for people to connect with you. And with their super service and affordable costs, you can keep more of your money where it belongs: in your pocket!

Web Hosting 101

While it is not exactly required for a webmaster to have perfect knowledge and skill, it is an advantage for the user to have some knowledge and background about web hosting. The internet is common technology, nowadays, that easily consumes a person’s time and if you wish to establish your own presence in the web, you should know a little more about it.

The internet is made up of web pages. These pages are individual documents published by all kinds of people and they could be composed of texts, images, audio and video files. For a page to be visible online, they should be written in html format (hypertext markup language) whicis basically instructions that allow the computer to convert the code to actual web pages.

For a page to exist online, they have to be hosted by a server, usually from a web hosting company. All the files are stored within the server and it basically acts as the conduit, through which information from a computer is transported to another, and displayed on the browser.

The web hosting service carries out all kinds of functions for the web master. Apart from maintenance, security and backups, they also provide users with extra service that would ultimately improve their experience in the web.

SEO Methods

SEOIf you want to create a powerful online presence, then you need to understand SEO Methods. SEO is the new marketing talk in our world of online business and operations so you can never avoid this topic. How can you increase the relevancy of your web page? How can you increase the ranking of your web page? A few methods to increase your ranking on Google are worth exploring in detail. You can ether invest in hiring a company, but it is easier to do this by yourself and save.

Always include a powerful and relevant title tag. This is very important when you want to index your web pages. It is primarily different from the Meta tag. When an engine searches the billions of pages out there, the first things the engine picks up is the title page. This information gives the engine insight on the content. Potential visitors also notice the title, so always make it a point to include relevant key words and make sure that your website can be noticed, do not stuff the title with key words.

There are different types of Meta tags when dealing with SEO operations. This also includes descriptions and keywords. This is the information that the reader will see in brief about your site, this is a deciding factor on if the potential visitor is interested. Be sure to keep this attractive with relative key words, stay away from key word staffing. Do not include a repetition of titles. In addition, Include attributes on your images, this is very important because a concise and relevant attribution to images helps search engines notice your website, this placing of text on source code will increase visibility of website during indexing. Attributes on images can help give access to the visually impaired that use screen readers, so they can know more about the page.

Relevant information is a great way to garner a good SEO ranking. Write in a professional and logical manner that makes legible sense and structure, and your website will rank in relevance. Do not get into the habit of scribbling articles and then stuffing them with key words, you are only hurting your attempts and ruining your credibility. It is very important to include links to your web site; this simple action will help the Google algorithm for the page ranking. Stay clear from spammers and website link farms. Create content that gains relevancy links from users and other related sites. Links are some of the ever-changing dynamics of SEO and engine rankings so use them.

Be sure to take advantage of social media, be it Facebook, Digg, Twitter or any platform out there, make sure that you use it to gain more traffic to your page, and this can increase the ranking of your website search engine wise. There are many factors to consider when dealing with SEO and it is very important that you create reliable, solid and decent content so that you can increase page ranking.

Free Web Hosting Services

If you have a website, there is no question about you needing a web host, but you need to determine whether you are getting paid service or a free one. A web host is a company that houses your site in the web, so that it can be available online and if you are quite reluctant about paying for this service, then you can just get it for free.

They say quality does not come cheap, but when your requirements are rather simple, going for a cheap service may not be so bad; after all, free web hosting services come equipped with just the right ingredients for your site to enjoy a great time online. If you make the right choice, you can still enjoy the following services:

  • Website creator: This is a common feature offered with most web hosting services and this option is also available to you even if you get a free hosting service. This is perfect if you are not adept at website creation because putting up a website will seem very easy.
  • Disk space: However limited, free web hosting service give webmasters the privilege to upload enough text, audio, video and images into their web page.
  • Bandwidth: Although this will depend on how much you have stored in your website, traffic of a considerable amount should be easily managed and welcomed by a free hosting service.
  • Uptime: Apart from disk space and bandwidth, uptime is crucial because when this is unreliable, then you might as well not have a site.

How to Change From One Web Hosting Service to Another

If you are unhappy with the current web hosting service you have, there is no reason for you to still be working with them. Chances are you are not maximizing your website’s capacity by keeping them so it will be smart for you to jump ship to another service. There are a lot of other web hosting companies that you can work with and as long as you know what you are doing, you can enjoy a smooth transition from your current service to the new one.

Here are some tips that you will find very useful for your purpose:

Keep your current web host until you have everything settled. By cancelling your service, you are taking your site out of the web, so your visitors will not be able to access your site. Make sure to keep your service open, until you have set everything up with the new web host.
Back-up your files. If you want to secure your files, you will have to start backing them up on your computer, just in case something happens. Moving from one service to another usually is not going to be difficult, but if you do not want to lose everything you have, you should save them.
Know what you need. When weighing your options about which company to choose, you have to begin by taking note of your specific needs, especially in terms of storage and function. Match the service with your needs, so that you can maximize the potential of your website.
Do your research. Before making a final decision about anything, you have to make sure to weigh your options against each other so that you can study the different features and find one that best serves your purpose.